I am a space engineer with a keen interest in the application of deep learning and state estimation in navigation. I have recently completed my Master’s degree in Space Engineering from the University of Tehran, where I had the privilege of working under the guidance of Dr. M. H. Sabour. My Master’s thesis focused on the utilization of deep learning in state estimation, specifically the Intelligent Filters, for Inertial Attitude Estimation.

My research interests are centered on the integration of deep learning techniques for spacecraft navigation, spacecraft attitude estimation, vision-based navigation, and other related areas. I am currently seeking a Ph.D. position to further advance my research interests and contribute to the field of space engineering.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I have gained valuable practical experience through multiple research projects and competitions. I have developed end-to-end deep learning frameworks for inertial odometry and attitude estimation, utilizing various inertial and visual-inertial datasets. Moreover, I have evaluated multiple conventional attitude estimation methods such as KF Family, QUEST, FQA, and CF.

Furthermore, I possess expertise in PCB design using Altium Designer and Proteus, and I am proficient in programming languages such as Python, MATLAB, and Arduino.

I am enthusiastic about exploring the intersection of deep learning and navigation in space missions, and I am committed to contributing to the field through my academic pursuits. If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me at a.asgharpoor@ut.ac.ir.

I am currently looking for a Ph.D. position. If you are interested in my research, please feel free to contact me.

Email: A.Asgharpoor@ut.ac.ir
Email: A.Asgharpoor1993@gmail.com
Phone: +98 9196 609 75 97
Address: Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Research Interests:

  • Vison-based Navigation
  • Spacecraft Navigation
  • Machine-Learning-based State Estimation

About Me

In 2016, I received my Associate’s Degree in Aircraft Avionics from Civil Aviation Technology College, and subsequently pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Avionics at the Aviation Industry Training Center, where I graduated with a B. Eng. in Avionics in 2019. Following my graduation, I joined the Aviation Industry Training Center as an instructor, where I have since taught a total of eleven courses in the field of Avionics. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I have been a member of the research team of the center since 2018, where I have contributed to a wide range of cutting-edge research initiatives. In 2020, I decided to further advance my academic qualifications by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Space Engineering at the University of Tehran.

Furthermore, I have served as a Referee of Research Council at the Students’ Scientific Research Center since 2019, evaluating research proposals and guiding student projects.

Please refer to my CV for the latest information.


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Looking for a PhD position
Research Interest: Machine Learning + Navigation + Space
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M.Sc. in Space Engineering, The University of Tehran
Advisor: Dr. M.H. Sabour

Thesis: Inertial Attitude and Heading Estimation using IMU with Reccurrent Neural Network

Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research
M.B.A in Healthcare Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research
Aviation Industry Training Center
B.E. in Avionics Engineering, Aviation Industry Training Center
Civil Aviation Technology College
Associate in Aircraft Avionics, Civil Aviation Technology College


  • M. H. Sabour and A. Asgharpoor, A Receding Horizon Iterative Learning (RHILC) Approach to Formation Control of Multi-Agent Non-Holonomic System, Aeronautical Journal, Under Review.
  • A. Asgharpoor and M. H. Sabour, End-to-End Deep Learning Framework for Real Time Inertial Attitude Estimation using 6DoF IMU, Journal of Field Robotics, arxiv.org/abs/2302.06037, Under Review.
  • A. Asgharpoor and M. H. Sabour, Recent Advancements in Deep Learning Applications and Methods for Autonomous Navigation – A Comprehensive Review, Sensors, arxiv.org/abs/2302.11089, Work in Progress
  • A. Asgharpoor and M. H. Sabour, 6-Axis Deep Neural Network Inertial Odometry, Expert Systems with Applications, Work in Progress
  • A. Asgharpoor and M. H. Sabour, “Deep Learning based 9-DoF Inertial Odometry for Autonomous Aerial Robots,” Drones, Work in Progress