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AI-driven Space Exploration Researcher

Arman Asgharpoor Golroudbari

AI-driven Space Exploration Researcher

Email: a.asgharpoor1993@gmail.com


  • M.Sc. in Space Engineering
    University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran (2019-2022)
    Thesis: Design and Simulation of Attitude and Heading Estimation Algorithm

  • MBA
    Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research, Tehran, Iran (2019-2020)
    Project: Utilizing AI for personalized medicine and diagnosis

  • B. Eng. in Aircraft Avionics Technology
    University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran (2016-2019)

  • Associate in Avionics
    Civil Aviation Technology College, Tehran, Iran (2013-2016)

Research Focus

Advancing Space Exploration through AI

I am Arman Asgharpoor Golroudbari, an AI-driven Space Exploration Researcher with a relentless drive to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. With a profound passion for the intersection of artificial intelligence and space exploration, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and revolutionizing the future of space missions.

At the esteemed University of Tehran's Space Lab, under the mentorship of Dr. M.H. Sabour, I am at the forefront of pioneering research endeavors aimed at enhancing deep space exploration missions. My primary focus lies in leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and estimation theory to advance sensor fusion algorithms for accurate attitude estimation in inertial navigation systems.

By harnessing state-of-the-art techniques such as deep learning, neural networks, and Bayesian estimation, I am pushing the boundaries of sensor data integration, enabling precise and robust navigation capabilities in the harsh and dynamic deep space environment. My research aims to revolutionize the reliability and efficiency of future space missions, paving the way for unprecedented discoveries and advancements.

Space Research

Professional Experience

Professional Experience

Contributing to the Scientific Community

In addition to my groundbreaking research, I actively contribute to the scientific community and professional networks in the following capacities:

  • Referee, Research Council, Students' Scientific Research Center (SSRC)
  • Member, Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN)

Leveraging my expertise and knowledge, I contribute to the evaluation and review process of scientific research projects, ensuring the highest standards of quality and rigor. As a member of this esteemed international network, I collaborate with like-minded professionals, fostering innovation and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

Get in Touch

I welcome the opportunity to connect with fellow researchers, space enthusiasts, and potential collaborators. Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or exciting discussions:

Email: yonkov.atanas@gmail.com

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