Purdue University

Nov 2023 to Present

Role: Remote Research Intern

  • Project: A Systematic Review of Digital Twins in Autonomous Vehicles - Unveiling Current Innovations and Envisioning Future Prospects
  • Examining the challenges and opportunities of implementing digital twins for autonomous vehicles, providing insights for overcoming technical barriers and expediting real-world adoption.
  • Developing a roadmap for future research and development in digital twins for autonomous vehicles, identifying crucial areas of focus to achieve widespread implementation and maximize societal impact.

Hotelsazi Darya

Aug 2023 to Present

Role: Lead AI Engineer

  • Advancing LLMs, augmenting Human-Computer Interaction experiences, to foster more intuitive and engaging interactions.

Carnegie Mellon University

Aug 2023 to Present

Role: Research Intern

Project: Learning Latent Shape Representations

  • Developing a novel generative model for 3D shape representations, advancing simulations in gaming, virtual reality, and design bridging the simulated to real-world gap through low-cost testing

Deep Space Initiative - Milky Way Program

Aug 2023 to Present

Role: Research Intern

  • Leading a team for interdisciplinary research on sustainable in-space manufacturing technologies, aiming to mitigate Earth’s environmental footprint through advanced space exploration initiatives.

University of Colorado Boulder

Jul 2023 to Present

Role: Research Intern

Project: Physics-Informed Neural Network Inertial Navigation Systems focusing on Search and Rescue Robots

  • Contributing to safer and more precise navigation, particularly in unstructured environments
  • Elevating the efficiency and success of search and rescue missions.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Sep 2023 to Present

Role: Co-Instructor Application of Technology in Research

  • Designing and taught graduate-level courses in advanced search techniques, providing rigorous assessment and guidance to cultivate deep subject matter expertise.
  • Conducting office hours, fostering academic excellence and professional growth.

Students’ Scientific Research Center

Sep 2022 to Present

Role: Instructor

  • Graduate and Undergraduate (B.Sc., M.D., M.Sc. and Ph.D.): +100 Students
  • Developing and delivered courses emphasizing practical applications of AI and Programming
  • Offering personalized guidance to students, cultivating the next generation of independent researchers.

Students’ Scientific Research Center

May 2023 to Present

Role: Supervisor

  • Guiding 10+ students in creating AI medical imaging tools for early and accurate disease detection, enhancing patient outcomes, and cutting healthcare costs.
  • Leading team in six systematic reviews on AI-powered Medical Imaging Analysis, uncovering critical insights for cancer detection and time-series forecasting advancements, fostering life-saving interventions. `

AI for Global Goals & University of Oxford

May 2023 to Jul 2023

Role: Researcher

  • Ranked 1st in The OxML competition track, achieving an accuracy of 82% in predicting patient outcomes using machine learning.
  • Developed accurate models for health-related tasks to advance medical diagnostics and treatments, resulting in improved patient outcomes and increased survivability.

University of Tehran

Sep 2019 to Sep 2023

Role: Researcher

Fuzzy Logic Lab: Project: Visual-Inertial Learning based Odometry

  • Optimized visual odometry via RCNN-based learning, propelling autonomous vehicle safety towards a future of seamless and secure transportation.

Space Lab: Project: 6-DoF Inertial Odometry End-to-End Learning Framework (IONet)

  • Attained a 15% accuracy boost, specializing in unstructured environments to improve safety and success in underground search and rescue missions, potentially saving lives.

Project: Visual Odometry:

  • Empowered indoor autonomous rescue robots with a vision-based algorithm on Raspberry Pi, elevating navigation capabilities through a robust visual odometry system.

Aerospace Dept. - University of Tehran

Jan 2020 to Sep 2022

Role: Research Assistant

  • Boosted attitude estimation precision by 40%, generalized over various sampling rates.
  • Elevated safety and precision in attitude estimation for diverse applications, directing optimization efforts to enhance autonomous robots in GPS-denied search and rescue scenarios.

Avionics Lab - Aviation Industry Training Center

Oct 2018 to Sep 2020

Role: Research Assistant

  • Guided 20+ undergraduates in thesis projects, nurturing academic and professional growth, shaping the next wave of independent researchers.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Apr 2019 to Present

Role: Referee of Research Council, Students’ Scientific Research Center

  • Shaped impactful medical science and healthcare solutions through analyzing and assessing research proposals.

Space Generation Advisory Council

Nov 2020 to Present

Role: Mentor

  • Provided targeted guidance and sustained support to mentees, fostering future leaders.

Iran Martial Arts Federation

Mar 2016 to Present

Role: Martial Arts Instructor

  • Instructed 400+ from diverse backgrounds, cultivating essential communication and life skills while fostering physical and mental well-being.
  • Nurtured discipline, leadership, and teamwork within the context of martial arts for comprehensive personal development.

University of Tehran

Sep 2022 to Jan 2023

Role: Teaching Assistant

  • Designed and supervised projects, enhancing programming skills for 15+ graduate students in Fuzzy Logic. Course.
  • Enhanced academic and professional growth through focused office hours, optimizing graduate students’ development with strategic support.

Aviation Industry Training Center

Sep 2019 to Sep 2021

Role: Thesis Supervisor

  • Supervised students, translating theoretical knowledge into practical expertise through hands-on learning experiences, advancing their academic and professional growth
  • Implicitly contributing to aviation safety by training proficient technicians.

Aviation Industry Training Center

Sep 2018 to Sep 2021

Role: Instructor

  • Instructed 11 courses on electronics, navigation, and aviation for 150+ undergraduate students.
  • Delivering high-caliber education, nurturing a pipeline of highly skilled aerospace professionals.

Iran Air

Sep 2018 to Oct 2018

Role: Aircraft Avionics Intern

  • Performed avionics instrument checks on ATR-72 and Airbus A320 using Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) for flight safety. Identified and rectified anomalies to ensure strict safety compliance.
  • Demonstrated resilience in high-pressure environments, contributing to overall aviation reliability and airworthiness.

AI for Global Goals

Jul 2023 to Aug 2023

Role: Participant

  • Completed a 62-hour program, focusing on AI and Machine Learning
  • Topics including:
    • Linear Algebra and Mathematics of machine learning
    • Optimization
    • Fundamentals of statistical/probabilistic ML
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)/ Large Language Model (LLM)

AI for Global Goals

Jun 2022 to Jul 2022

Role: Participant

  • Engaged in a 48-hour program covering topics:
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Computer Vision

Review Activity

Role: Reviewer

  • Offering feedback to fellow researchers and contributed to the academic rigor of international publications by meticulously reviewing manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals
  • Full list available at ORCID and WoS


  • IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, 43 Papers
  • The Aeronautical Journal, 3 Papers
  • Elsevier Aerospace Science and Technology, 15 Papers
  • Space: Science & Technology, 4 Papers
  • Elsevier Measurement, 6 Paper
  • IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, 1 Paper
  • IEEE Open Access Journal on Circuits and Systems, 1 Paper


  • International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) World Congress 2023, 1 Paper
  • American Control Conference (ACC) 2024,1 Paper

Honors, Prizes, Awards, and Fellowships

  1. AWS AI & ML Scholarship 2023 ($4000 Valued)

    • Endowed by: Amazon and Udacity
    • Criteria: Completing ML course, implementing Reinforcement Learning for optimal agent decision-making and achieving a sub-one-minute lap in AWS DeepRacer Student League
  2. Ranked 1st in OxML Competition Track (2023)

    • Criteria: Attained the highest accuracy (82.3%) in cancer cell detection.
  3. Appreciated Presenter (USERN Miniature Talk Competition 2021)

    • Criteria: Presented a talk on the application of Quantum Computers in medical and space sciences, receiving a score of 4.7 out of 5 from the judges.
  4. Top 10% in M.Sc. Aerospace Eng. (2019)

    • Criteria: Ranked in the top 10% among 5000+ participants in the National University Entrance Exam.
  5. Ranked 1st in Class 2019 (University of Tehran)

    • Criteria: Attained the highest GPA (4.0 out of 4.0) in the class of 10 students, securing a 1st place ranking.
  6. Medalist, Iran Martial Arts Federation, National Competitions:

    • Gold Medalist: 2011, 2012, 2018, and 2019.
    • Silver Medalist: 2015.
    • Bronze Medalist: 2016 and 2019.
  7. Black Belt Dan II (Nearu Martial Arts, 2015)

    • Achieved due to advanced mastery in martial arts techniques and philosophy.
    • Requiring a decade of dedicated training, highlights exceptional skill, knowledge, and commitment.